American Red Cross Blood Drive Recap

Did you know that every two seconds one person in America needs blood? An even more shocking statistic is that only 3 in100 Americans donate blood. At AnswerNow, we wanted to do our part to offset these statistics while supporting a truly commendable organization like The American Red Cross. The entire AnswerNow Team was thrilled to participate in our American Red Cross blood drive on Tuesday June 5th at our office! If you didn’t know, this blood drive was open not only to our Team Members, but their friends and family too. Taking place from 10-3pm, this provided everyone the opportunity to donate blood, no matter their work schedule.

The wonderful American Red Cross technicians and nurses assisted over 38 blood donors over the afternoon. Donors were greeted with big smiles, calming words and plenty of treats to keep them comfortable afterwards.

As we said before, many of our Team Members chose to selflessly donate their blood during our drive. While this was the first time for some of them, many had donated before and were happy to give again. Here are just a few of the reactions our Team had after donating blood:


Donating blood for the first time was a great experience for me! I was nervous in the beginning, of course, but when I started the process, the graciousness of the Red Cross personnel made the experience even better. They always had smiles on their faces and made sure that you were doing alright. I donated blood because I know that by just giving up a little time out of my day to do something that would go so far and mean so much to even just one person made the whole thing worth it. I will definitely donate again in the future!


A few years ago, my sister in law needed a blood transfusion during a major surgery.  I remember her saying how amazing it was that someone had taken the time to give their blood so that she could make it through her surgery successfully and that has stuck with me ever since.  Yesterday was not my first time donating blood, though it has been a few years since I have done it.  It was my first time doing it in a mobile setting though, and I was pleasantly surprised by the sound-proofing they had on the bus. I know how important it is, and would probably do it again.


Although this was not my first time donating blood, it was my first time donating to the American Red Cross and it was a great experience. The staff was very friendly, appreciative and efficient.  I chose to donate blood because I find that it is very rewarding to know that by taking an hour out of my day, I can save the lives of others.

Thanks again to everyone that donated and much thanks to The American Red Cross and their technicians for taking the time to help us host this successful blood drive!

Visit our Facebook album for pictures of the blood drive!

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