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HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging

For medical professionals and healthcare providers, confidentiality and privacy are critical. We know that keeping your patient information secure is a top priority. That’s why so many medical offices use Tiger Text, a secure messaging application.

Tiger Text allows you to maintain HIPAA-compliant text messaging and secure communications, even via mobile networks.

You’ve taken steps to ensure that your messaging is handled securely by your onsite staff during office hours, so you need to maintain that same level of security even when the office is closed.  You can’t risk using an answering service that could compromise patient privacy or allow unauthorized access to medical records.

At AnswerNow, our AnswerNowMD medical call center solutions have integrated Tiger Text into their systems. We are able to send messages directly through the Tiger Text application. That allows for a seamless transition from your onsite process to our after-hours coverage. We maintain the same high standards of secure messaging that you have implemented in your office.
This means patient information will be treated with a consistent level of protection and privacy 24/7.  

In addition to Tiger Text secure messaging, AnswerNow also offers customized secure messaging solutions that are available to all healthcare customers.

Learn more about our AnswerNowMD solutions here.

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